Brief info about WONDORF

The Wondorf company produces modern houses from Siberian wood of various species.
On the market, you may find a great number of house-building materials. However, many of them are unsafe for human health. Wood is one of the first building materials known since the rise of human intelligence. Trees of different species have various properties and advantages. The less stable and comfortable natural conditions the human lives in, the more reliable house he needs.

There is a vital reason why Wondorf offers wooden houses specifically made of Siberian wood.

The reason lies in the place of growth - a pollution-free environment in the northwestern part of Russia, with no industrial or metropolitan areas.

Right there, where the lowest temperatures drop to -35°C, and the highest temperatures reach up to +35°C and above, evergreen trees acquire the best physical properties. With a tree stem height of 36-52 m, the tree has a density of up to 540 kg/m3, which is 1.5 times denser than a regular pine growing in the central region of the European continent.

There are several more reasons due to which we produce wooden houses:

✓Siberian pine belongs to the wood categories of the highest quality (R1-R2).
✓ High level of thermal insulation.
✓ Wood has excellent antibacterial properties.
✓ The wood releases healthy essential oils.
✓ High resistance to direct sunlight, high humidity, extreme temperature drops.
✓ Fast construction time – 3-4 months on average.
✓ Possibility of quick assembly/disassembly
✓ Significant savings on constructing a shallow foundation
✓ No need for additional wall insulation.
✓ The total cost of construction of our wooden houses is cheaper than the construction of stone
✓ Eco-friendly material.
✓ Long service life.

These advantages explain the longevity of houses built using specifically Siberian pine wood.

Wondorf have been constructing wooden houses in Europe for over 7 years

Wondorf have been constructing wooden houses in Europe for over 7 years. We manufacture wooden house kits where the famous Siberian pine originally grows and we sell and ship them throughout Europe. We also have a wide dealership network in Europe.

The house for every person is exactly the place of coziness and comfort that our clients want to pass on to their children, just like we pass our family traditions.