We have an extensive network of European partner companies that have great experience in all fields of construction.

This guarantees a perfectly accomplished work and getting the desired result. All the companies presented below have the necessary industrial equipment and teams of highly qualified specialists in the field of wood processing and house assembly.
Construction company “SMU-1” GmbH, Deutschland
It is a multi-purposed construction company, specializing in the field of civil and industrial construction.
Construction company “SMU-2” s.r.o., Česká Republika
An international company specializing in providing various services in the field of construction, reconstruction of facilities, metal structures installation, and design of infrastructure facilities, etc.
Construction company “Antraise-BG” sp. z o.o., Polska
One of the leaders in the construction of apartment buildings in the southern regions of Poland.
Apart from building based on its own projects, the company also acts as a general contractor, investor or contracting authority. The main specialization is the construction of the comfortable and affordable civil estate. The developer designs and builds apartments with a suitable layout, which provides maximum convenience for its future residents.