Modern people spend most of their lives under the roof. But this does not mean that they are safe from harmful chemical compounds out in the air. Not every house can protect against pollution while having a positive impact on human health. Today, for the house construction, more often we give preference to environmentally friendly materials. But how can you build an eco-house using safe materials while applying energy-saving technologies?

The ecological and saving energy problems are a few of the most urgent for modern society. In that regard, there is a general tendency towards the demand for eco-houses, which cause minimal harm to nature, same as able to protect the person from the harmful effects of the environment. No need to move to the cave or forest to maintain an eco-friendly life.

An eco-friendly wooden house can be built within the city limits.

By surrounding yourself with environmentally-friendly things and habits, following a constructive lifestyle today, you become a role model for others. And maybe tomorrow someone else will follow your positive example.

The main advantages of eco-houses are minimal to zero impact on the outer environment and a favorable microclimate inside, which may be to the benefit of your health. For example, with the help of forced ventilation, harmful pollution in the form of dust, gases and chemical compounds will not be able to get into the house. A smart climate control system will help you save money on low power consumption and will be able to monitor the microclimate regardless of the house location.