Manufacture, design, construction, wooden houses made from rounded logs, profiled timber, glued timber


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Business construction

Wood is a universal material that allows us to increase the scale of construction from small individual houses, restaurants, wellness centers, guesthouses, and hotels to larger buildings and public facilities. Wondorf will support your investment and turn your construction project into reality and ensure high rates of return.

Siberian pine

Wondorf produces wood for housing only from those tree species, grown in non-polluted areas of Siberia.

Due to great antiseptic properties, in the pine forest number of harmful microbes in the air is 100 times lower than one in big cities!

Benefits of Siberian pine

Wood category of the highest quality
High resin content
High resistance to direct sunlight, high humidity, extreme temperature drops
High density
Good heat insulation and low thermal conductivity
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Production technology

Wondorf designs and manufactures wooden houses only from eco-friendly materials. We use the best
processing technologies and the latest innovations to implement even the most intricate architectural


Wondorf not just builds wooden houses, it creates a comfortable environment to ensure a healthy and sustainable living for its future residents.
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Stages of construction

Wondorf produces wooden house kits and prepares them for further assembly. We work with several construction companies engaged in the construction of turnkey wooden facilities of any complexity level.


Solid eco-houses from Siberian Pine for a healthy life.