In working practice may occur a quite logical question: "How long will the house last?"; Also, our clients are interested in the warranty for these types of houses. Everyone knows the fact that rural wooden houses built at the beginning of 20 th century with nothing but a saw, a hatchet, and a hammer are habitable even to this day.

Given that during its construction people couldn’t use modern construction materials, wood drying techniques, antiseptics, rot treatment, etc., nevertheless slowly but steadily their age is reaching a 100-years mark. Of course, a rural house built a hundred years ago cannot be a guideline for modern housing construction. Today`s technologies made significant progress, allowing building eco-houses to last for ages.
Over the past few years, the process of building a wooden house became easier and, what is more important, got significantly renovated. Profiled or glued timber, rounded log, frame construction technology, all these factors increase the lifespan of a wooden house. If an old rural house`s service life is about 80-100 years, how long will the
modern one stand?

Advantages of Siberian pine

Among the technical properties of Siberian pine, useful in housing, we point out the following advantages:
Highest quality
Siberian pine belongs to the wood categories of the highest quality (R1-R2). These categories are assigned to timber based on their size, density, humidity, absence of defects, etc.
High density
This factor slightly complicates the wood processing work, but as a result, we get a high-quality timber with 100 years of service life and above!
High resin content
Pinewood has its typical golden color due to the high resin content. Resin prevents wood decay, for this reason, pine is one of the best and the most durable options in eco-friendly housing.
Good heat insulation and low thermal conductivity
This means that your pinewood house will be warm in winter and cool in summer. It is quite difficult to achieve such a result in houses made of brick or concrete. In contrast, for a pinewood, it is a natural characteristic.
High resistance
High resistance to direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperature drops.
Thanks to natural exceptional qualities of pine, as well as the use of modern eco-friendly wood treatment materials, timber is not affected by UV radiation or decay. It will maintain its original form and please your eye for many years.