A lot of words have been said about the value of pine. This is an eco-friendly building material, which is always interesting to work with. The surface of the wood is pleasant to touch, besides, it has a delightful golden color, which looks great in the interior.

Natural materials lovers will not be able to resist the natural beauty of pine. But these are only a few advantages. Other useful properties made pine log cabins


  • The antibacterial properties of pine make it a perfect hypoallergenic solution for housing, due to this the air inside the house cleanses and ionizes. The air, saturated with phytoncides is very helpful for people with respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.
  • Pine essential oil is known for its calming effect. Although aromatherapy is not legally recognized a branch of medicine, it is difficult to deny its positive effect.
  • In terms of humidity, pinewood can create a comfortable microclimate in the house. It's no secret that the humidity in the house should be at around 45-55% to feel healthy every day Many people use steam humidifiers to increase it, but pine homes owners can forget about it.

Siberian pine

The Siberian pine is rich with a large number of biologically active substances, various parts of the plant (wood, bark, needles, cones) have been repeatedly studied to identify significant for pharmacology components.

The wood contains organic acids: malic, citric, oxalic, shikimic, quinic; diterpenes: cambrene, isopimaric and dehydroabietic acids; steroids: beta-sitosterol; aliphatic hydrocarbons: heptane, octane, nonane, decane, undecane, etc.; higher fatty acids: arachidonic, octadecadienoic and others; stilbenes: pinosylvin, methyl pinosilvin, dimethyl pinosilvin; flavonoids: aromadendrine, apigenin, kempferol, tectochrysin, chrysin, pinostrobin, pinocembrin.

Siberian pine wood is smooth, lightweight and durable, with a pleasant smell, has a beautiful texture with color in shades of pink and light beige, milk chocolate and dark brown. Pinewood resists moisture, does not decay and even through the years has no trace of insects and corrosion. It is easy to plane, process, polish and it dries with little or no cracking. Due to these properties, pinewood is used in housing, furniture production, and interior design, etc.

Due to growing in a sharp continental climate, Siberian pine can cope excellently with harsh weather conditions, withstanding very low winter temperatures (up to -65°C in Eastern Siberia).